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Here's How You Will Get Telemarketing Script Ideas to Help You Create Winning Telemarketing and Telesales Scripts              

Most Telemarketing Scripts are Doomed Even Before 
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A Message From Art Sobczak, President, Business By Phone Inc.

Maybe you've experienced it: 

You're faced with making some telemarketing calls, and you're just not quite sure what you're going to say. Maybe you have a telemarketing script someone gave you, but it looks and sounds cheesy and salesy. So you just place the call and try winging it.

And sure enough, you get a "no." Or worse.

Your next choices?

You could attempt to repeat and believe the goofy adage about, "For every no, you're that much closer to a yes. It's just a numbers game. I'll keep calling and eventually get a yes."

But you know better.

If what you're saying is bad, you're simply that much closer to another "NO." And if you're like many people, you're not that excited about making more calls. So perhaps you find something else to do instead of calling. And sales suffer.

I can help you avoid "rejection."

I can help you persuade people to listen to you, speak with you, and, most importantly, buy from you and/or meet with you (depending on your call objective).

And you'll do it conversationally without sounding like the telemarketer who interrupted your dinner, reading--very poorly--from a script.

That’s what I'll deliver, and precisely what you’ll get in my books, "How to Sell More in Less Time, With No Rejection, Using Common Sense Telephone Techniques, Volumes 1 and 2." 

No Theory, Just Solid, What-to-Say and 
How-to-Say it Tips

Lots of sales books cover theory ... old school stuff that you would be as uncomfortable repeating as you are hearing it, and downright nonsense written by people who probably have never made a sales call in their lives. 

What I’ve found is that we salespeople by nature are a demanding, intelligent, and somewhat impatient group and want instantly-useable, common sense ideas that really work.

Over the past 25 years I’ve built my business and reputation on researching, testing, and refining sales strategies and techniques for professionals like you and me who use the phone as a main method of communication. 

Anyone who has ever picked up the phone to make a cold call, or followed up on a call after they’ve sent out literature, a catalog, or samples, knows that it’s much more difficult than making a face-to-face call, and there are certain nuances that make using the phone a different animal. I demystify the process, poke fun at the old techniques and myths of sales that flat out do not work by phone, and show proven, word-for-word examples that will work for you in your own telemarketing scripts..

In these two books, I provide more useable how-to ideas on telephone sales and telemarketing scripts than you have ever seen in one place before.

And I say that with confidence.

If you use the phone in professional, ethical, needs-based sales, there is simply no way you could not benefit from these books--as long as you read and use them. 

And I stand behind that claim with my "More than Your Money Back Guarantee," where I refund your money, plus $10, and let you keep the books, if you feel you wouldn’t benefit from them. More on that later.

"I've read over 500 books on selling, persuasion, and influence. This is the best book on telesales that I've ever read. It's in my top 5 sales books of all time. Initially I thought the book was expensive ($39.95), but after reading it, I realized it's worth 50 times what I paid for it!" 
Howard Donnelly,

If you want to skip right to the offer and ordering info, simply click here.

In these two books you’ll get over 540 pages of rock-solid info, just like you read in my Telephone Prospecting and Selling Report sales tips newsletter each month, and in my e-mail newsletter The TelE-Sales Hot Tips of the Week.  Here is just a sampling of the sections in the book, and what you’ll get:

Voice Mail, Screeners, Getting to Decision Makers

• Why you shouldn’t go above, around, under, or through screeners, and what you should do instead to get them to actually HELP you
• What to never say on voice mail messages
• How to get buyers to welcome and expect your next call
• Word-for-word examples of messages that work
• When leaving no message is better
• Words to avoid that are sure to get you labeled as a time-wasting, self-interested "salesperson," meaning you’re screened out, brushed off, or left waiting for call backs that never arrive

Building that Professional Telephone "Look" Through Your Voice and Words

• How to get rid of image-destroying "umm’s"
• How to build rapport, credibility, and likeability
• Listening for key buying words and emotions—knowing when to talk and when to shut up

Interest Creating Opening Statements

• 13 actions and word-for-word mistakes that ensure failure and resistance, and what to say instead
• A no-brainer, fill-in-the blanks opening statement template for prospecting calls that gets them interested
• Case study examples of horrible openings, and great alternatives you can use and/or adapt

Selling With Questions

• Loads of word-for-word questions that get them thinking about, seeing, and feeling their problems and pains--precisely the situations you can help them with through your benefits
• Putting them in a frame of mind so they want to hear what you have
• There are such things as dumb questions in sales. Examples, and how to avoid them
• How to ask about money
(Click here to see an actual chapter from Volume 1)

Presenting With Power

• The not-so-secret, "secret" to great presentations
• How to position what you say as more credible and believable, instead of sounding like a salesperson
• Using stories to create irresistible visual images

Getting Commitment and Closing

• Over 50 word-for-word examples of conversational closing and commitment questions you can use today to get agreement, and sales
• How to get larger sales just as easily as you would get smaller ones

Self Motivation, Beating Call Reluctance, and Rejection

• Characteristics—that you can emulate--of wealthy salespeople
• Avoiding negative assumptions that are sure to invite failure
• How to avoid choking under pressure

Dealing Successfully With Objections

• A painless way to address objections and resistance
• How to blow away price objections
• Turning "I want to think about it," into, "I WANT it."
• How to ensure you don’t hear, "We don’t need it."
• Why what you’ve probably heard before about objections is bogus, and what you should do instead. (For example, "You should love objections," "The selling doesn’t start until you hear an objection," "You’ll hear three objections before you’ll get a yes," "Every objection puts you that much closer to a yes." That’s ALL bunk!)

Successfully Following Up By Phone

• How to end a call to ensure success on the follow-up.
• How to avoid starting follow-up’s with the useless and idiotic statement and question, "I sent you out the material. Didja get it? Any questions?"
• What you should and shouldn’t mail after calls
• How to set solid phone appointments so they’re ready and waiting for your next call

Case Studies of Actual Calls

See actual transcripts from calls submitted by fellow sales reps in the field, or calls received by Art. You’ll see what didn’t work and why, so you can avoid the same mistakes, and suggested alternatives to get success and agreement. Some of the cases include,

• What to say when they "buy it locally"
• Failed prospecting calls, and why they went down in flames—needlessly
• Why ending a call with "Keep us in mind" is asinine, and what to say instead
• How to position value instead of selling on price
• How to build relationships with regular customers to keep their loyalty


• How to get referrals who are eager to speak with you
• Getting them talking whey they say they’re not interested
• Why leaving messages on prospecting calls could be a waste of time
• Over 20 other prospecting pointers to help you get interest, the appointment, and eventually the sale

Even More Stuff to Help You Sell More

• Why believing that using the phone is "Just a numbers game" will demoralize you and ensure call reluctance
• The right way to use conference calls to sell to multiple decision makers
• How to handle prospects who "Need information sent right now!", and determining if they’re for real, or just yanking your chain
• How to keep customers after that first sale
• Positioning yourself as the "least risk vendor" instead of the higher-priced vendor
• Telesales lessons from the O.J. trial

Brief Teletips

Over 130 brief, to-the-point tips you can use right now. Any ONE of these could pay for the book on your very next phone call, or help you avoid a mistake that could cost you more than the price of the book! Some examples:

• How to respond to the "Send literature" request
• Eliminating telephone tag
• What to say to the prospect who perpetually strings you along
• Showing them how a lower price might actually be more expensive
• Why they don’t care about your products or services, and what they do care about which decides whether or not they’ll buy

Oh, I Forgot Something ...
If you're like most salespeople, you just saw lots of topics and ideas you're interested in, and might be ready to order right now. You'll probably be happy to know that those are just the items you'll get in Volume 2 . Volume 1 has even more, different valuable ideas and tips in the same topic areas.

Don't Just Take My Word for It
Look at what others say about my material:

"I read every sales and marketing book I can get my hands on. Your book is the best book I've ever read on telephone sales. Eery page is filled with ideas that WORK!"
Danita Evans, Micro-Tech

"... when we were trying to figure out the best telephone sales tip we ever published, we realized all the top contenders came from Art Sobczak."
Call Center Magazine

"Applying what I learned through your tips, I've earned enough to buy a new boat."
Rich Kline, ITAT Info Technology

Still not convinced? Let me take all risk away right now:

The Better than Risk-Free,
"You Keep the Product, I’ll Pay You for Your Time" Guarantee

I’m so confident that you’ll profit many times over from my books, that I’m willing to put my own money up to prove it. Many publishers won’t take back books after they’re sold. Not only will I guarantee your success, I’ll take it three steps further:

1. If you don’t show success from using the ideas in these books, call, write, fax, or e-mail me. I’ll refund everything you paid, including the shipping. (US shipping)

2. You keep the book(s). You read correctly. I won’t make you pay to send them back. All I ask is that you give them to someone else who would and could benefit from them.

3. Not only will I refund your purchase price, I’ll give you another $10! Now that’s a guarantee. Find someone else who’s willing to make that same offer.

(There is one condition, albeit unenforceable on my part: I ask that you actually read the books and try the ideas before taking advantage of this guarantee, if you choose to do so.)

Am I stark raving mad? No, just absolutely confident that if you use these ideas, a team of wild horses couldn’t pry these ideas from you. And that covers most people who will invest in these books. Will some people take advantage of me? Probably ... but a tiny percentage. And I figure if someone wants to be a lowlife and cheat to make $10 and steal a couple of books, well, they’re the ones who have to live with themselves.

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